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YellowPress - The YellowPress Periodical

YellowPress is the publication platform of St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. YellowPress lends its services to other researchers and/or platforms. It also studies new publication forms for artistic research in the current media landscape. The name YellowPress is an allusion to so-called Yellow Journalism. Yellow journalism is characterized by misleading news, sensationalist pictures, screaming headlines and strong sympathy for the underdog. With an ironic wink to this trivial form of journalism, YellowPress wishes to take the attitude of the professional dilettante – between professional and amateur – as its starting point.

The YellowPress Periodical developed out of a growing need and desire to make the multifaceted research culture of St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp accessible to a wide audience, both within the school community and beyond. The notion of ‘research culture’ can be interpreted quite loosely. It involves larger research projects financed by St Lucas as well as individual research practices or research conducted by students in the context of their final Bachelor’s or Master’s project. The YellowPress Periodical wishes to bring these practices together, without any hierarchy or a predefined format. It seeks to offer a forum for the field of artistic research, which is averse to categories and continuously reinvents and reorients itself.

Editorial board: Thomas Crombez, Ward Heirwegh, Hilde Van Pelt, Caroline Dumalin. Chief editor: Jozefien Van Beek, graphic design: Ward Heirwegh. The editorial board is responsible for the composition of each periodical. YellowPress founder: Hugo Puttaert.

Publisher: Karel de Grote University College / St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp

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Gepost op 22/02/2018
The Yellow Press Periodical #4
The Yellow Press Periodical #4


Gepost op 16/02/2017
The YellowPress Periodical #3
The YellowPress Periodical #3
Gepost op 24/03/2016