Advanced Master of Research in Art and Design

The advanced master program focuses on research development of artists and designers whose practice is anchored in a social-political context. 

The program develops in accordance to the specific research proposals of the participants and offers intense coaching in research methodology, writing and critical studies. 

Special focus

This advanced master program focuses on research development of artists and designers whose practice is anchored in a social-political context (including but not limited to feminism, social design, migration, decolonialism, class politics, queer politics, disability politics, capitalism, identity, Anthropocene, the (under)commons, community art, conflict&design, healing&rituals, history, big data…). The program offers time and space to do research without the requirement of any particular final format such as an exhibition or production.

The focus is on artistic research and research exchange. The program is aligned to each participant’s work rhythm and caters for specific theoretical interests by inviting a diversity of voices from a variety of fields that can cater to the individual and collective research interests. Collective learning and participatory coaching are central to the program; it comes with the engagement of each participant to care for each other’s wellbeing and research development. We offer a coaching and participation methodology that is anchored in intersectional situatedness and care.

Program 2019-2020

The concrete program will be developed in accordance to the specific research proposals, interests and needs of the participants. It offers intense coaching in writing, critical studies and research methodologies in arts and design. The coaching is individual, collective and participatory; every participant is invited to expand our knowledges and responsibilities. There is a strong focus on sharing research; this means collectively designing productive formats to share our insights and creating a sustainable international research network.

The program is structured in 2 full day sessions every three weeks. These sessions will focus on the participants’ specific research proposals and enable them to advance in writing, theoretical explorations, research methodology, and sharing your research. Parallel to this trajectory we also offer 3 international, intensive and collaborative, 1-week modules with distinguished artists, designers and professionals across the fields of artistic research. These guests will be selected in relation to the specific needs of the program’s participants.

For who?

We work with a small team of maximum 12 students to create opportunities and develop a network to strategize sharing research publicly. The ideal candidates are artists or designers who have developed an individual or collaborative practice and want to work for one year on a research project related to their practice.

The program is particularly suitable to those interested in critically developing their practice within a social-political field or in preparation for a successful PhD project.

The participants will be expected to be present at the 2-day sessions every 3 weeks and at the 3 intensive modules. They will participate and engage in debates and pursue a thorough critical reflection and practice of collective care, situatedness and responsibility.

We offer a nurturing research environment of dedicated and experienced tutors, junior and senior researchers and PhD students as well as an international network of professionals, institutions and guest lecturers. Small collectives or artistic duos are also encouraged to apply!

Practical information

The Master of Research in Art and Design is intended for candidates with a master’s degree or an equivalent qualification. Holders of both a master’s degree in visual arts or design and in other subjects with an artistic practice can apply with a portfolio, a letter of motivation, and a research proposal. 

Maximum number of participants is 12. Applications will be reviewed on a continuous basis, but the applications for the 2019-20 program close on September 1st, 2019. Due to the limited number of participants that we can welcome in the program, you are highly encouraged to submit your application file at your earliest convenience.
Upon receipt of your application, you will be invited for an admission interview.

The tuition fee for 2019-2020 is 2400€.
The fee can be paid in 3 installments.
There are no scholarships available.

The program starts the first week of October 2019.
The provisional calendar of the program is:

October 3-4, 24-25,
Nov 14-15, 
Dec 5-6, 9-13,

Jan 9-10, 30-31, 
Feb 20-21, 
March 12-13,

April 2-3, 23-24,
May 14-15, 
June 4-5, 25-26

Non-European candidates need to take into account the time needed to apply for a student visa, please check this link for the conditions.

For more information, please contact Petra Van Brabandt, head of research at Sint Lucas Antwerpen by mail at

Petra Van Brabandt