Studio graphic design

Studio graphic design

Trajectory within the major Graphic Design

In the Studio graphic design, you pull off the most amazing feats with text and image. From the smallest curl in a letter to the layout of an entire exhibition. Want to shape the world?

Studio graphic design
Process and form

For a whole day, closely observe and dwell on everything you see or read… The logo on your sneakers, signposts in the metro, that shocking post on social media and this cool website. There is a lot to shape in this world, and preferably as effectively and beautifully as possible. Enter… you?

In this studio, you start with a year of ‘hardcore’ graphic design. You study typography and composition and you find your way in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

After this, you embark upon research and adventure. You learn everything about content and target groups, print and digital media.
You develop your own unique language. Meaningful when necessary and quirky when possible.

Do you have a passion for text and image? Interested in designing our next website in a few years or that one poster that no one will ever dare to stick something else over? Then make sure you stick around here a bit longer.

Helena De Paep
Helena De Paep

Academic bachelor’s programme

In the academic bachelor’s programme, we pay a lot of attention to conceptual thinking, process-based work and documentation. This study programme also offers a general basic programme where you build up theoretical knowledge and focus strongly on reflection and critical thinking. After this three-year academic bachelor’s programme, you reach the level required to start an artistic master’s programme.

Studio-specific skills


You learn the history of typography and design the fonts of the future.

Create and edit images

You photograph, illustrate and perfect your own images. By hand, with Photoshop or Illustrator.

Web design

You learn a smattering of HTML and CSS so that you are able to design websites yourself.

Content research

You can only give meaning to something if you understand it properly. And if you know who will view it later. And where.

Logo design

You help make brands instantly recognisable via a logo or corporate style.

Printed matter

You not only design posters, you also learn to print them digitally or in an artisanal manner for the perfect result.

Creating books

You combine text and image to make a strong story, binding it in the form of a book, literally and otherwise.

Overarching courses

Manual and technological skills

This course unit consists of a package of initiations that help you at the start of your programme. For example, there are initiations in the field of software and in the workshops. In addition, you also follow a number of interesting studio-specific initiations.


Part of the theory is the same for all bachelor’s programme years. Philosophy, art anthropology, literature, art history, semiotic studies, culture and media theory, art design and context and art news.


As part of the basic curriculum in the first and second year, each student works on developing basic competencies for drawing the human body and its surroundings and for visual analysis. In the second and third years, your drawing comes closer and closer, via elective modules, to the artistic practice you are developing in your studio. Over the three years, drawing becomes an authentic, autonomous and communicative medium for you. It becomes an essential tool for concept, creation and communication that broadens and clarifies your visual language.

Elective programme

The elective programme consists of two parts. Firstly, you participate in a project week every year. Here, you are part of a mixed group of students from different studios from the first, second and third years. In this way, you are confronted with students from different backgrounds and get the chance to develop a network comprising both students and lecturers. Secondly, in the second and third bachelor’s years, you gain more insight into art and culture by choosing from a series of elective courses and elective projects based on the research projects of theory lecturers.

Theory versus practice

The weightage of the courses evolves throughout the three bachelor’s years. Below you will find a visual representation of the courses you will follow in relation to your credits.

  • Pratice
  • Drawing
  • Theory
  • Elective programme

First year

Second year

Third year

In the theory lectures

Theory and reflection are an important part of our academic programme. Important as in: this part accounts for one third of the credits. The basic curriculum, for example, contains subjects such as philosophy, semiotics and art history. These are all courses that give you greater insight into art, culture and society. And they provide you with further inspiration and an interesting background for your own work.

In the studio

The theory even seeps through into the studio. In the form of theoretical seminars or as feedback from lecturers teaching theory and practice. Because the latter also have their place in the Studio.

In your chosen electives

The elective programme also contains a range of learning projects based on the research projects of theory lecturers. In this way, you complete the theoretical knowledge you receive with accents based on your own interests.

Studio graphic design projects

What does the future look like after Studio graphic design?

A study programme does what it promises: it enables to study a specific domain during which one acquires specific skills and a certain way of thinking. Our students choose their final destination themselves. Discover where they ended up…

An academic year, from one summer holiday to the next

At Sint Lucas Antwerpen, creativity is a constant. ‘Regular’ lecture weeks alternate with studio or project weeks and exhibitions. And exams, of course. This is what a typical year at Sint Lucas Antwerpen looks like:

visual academic calendar
  • Theory
  • Practice only
  • Jury
  • Holidays
  • Exhibition
  • Lectures

Who teaches at the Studio graphic design?

We would like to know who you are, what inspires you and what you hope to find in the Studio graphic design. We’ll figure this out during the interview, with the help of your home and studio assignments. This is also a chance for you to meet a few of your future lecturers in person.

Livin Mentens

Christophe Clarijs

Mateo Broillet

Morgane Le Ferec

Chloé Dhauwe

Victor Coupaud

Hugo Puttaert

Werner Van dermeersch

Ward Heirwegh

One-semester art exchange programmes

Are you excited to study abroad during one semester?

Studio graphic design

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Studying in Antwerp

We make your life as a student in Antwerp as easy and fun as possible. A dry roof over your head? A great student job?
We’ve got your back.

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