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One-semester art exchange programmes

Studying abroad gives you a lifelong experience.

Travelling doesn’t just make you a better designer, artist or photographer, it essentially makes you a better person. A critical and worldly individual who dares to colour outside the lines!.

You will be studying and working together with international and local students on a bachelor, master or advanced master level in the heart of Antwerp, Belgium’s art and creativity city.

As our university is internationally focused, our renowned teachers regularly welcome guest lecturers from over the world and international projects with partnering schools and study trips are set up. Join us for top-notch education in a small city with metropolitan allure, deepening your personal artistic practice. Turn yourself into a changemaker with attitude!

Your personal exchange programme

Bachelor of Audiovisual Technology: Photography

Students of our partner institutes or free movers are able to follow a semester in our third bachelor year of Audiovisual Technology : Photography. 

During your exchange you will receive a state-of-the-art technical training that will give a boost to your creativity. We provide you with a comprehensive framework: ethics, communication skills, teamwork and entrepreneurship… It all will be thoroughly discussed.

There will be a direct and personal relation between you and your teachers. They really know what they talk about since they all have a lot of real-life experience. Renowned photographers will enthrall you with their passion, experts will give lectures about what makes their heart leap with joy, and you will visit expositions in Antwerp, Belgium or abroad as part of our Photography program.

Academic bachelor of Visual Arts

As for the academic bachelor of Visual Arts the core of your exchange programme is a bachelor studio in the specific discipline that you choose to apply for.

Focused upon the further development of your artistic practice and professional communication with the outside world, you will deepen your artistic and social interests and learn how to apply them.

You can make your choice out of one of these studios, according to your Erasmus application.

Studio communication design
Studio illustration
Studio graphic design
Studio art
Studio jewellery

We strive to offer the best possible fitting program for our incoming exchange students. You will follow the practice classes of the Studio together with the students of our Bachelor-year 2 or 3.

Elective courses
In addition, to broaden your exchange trajectory, per semester a thorough package of theoretical subjects, practice-oriented bachelor classes and artistic projects is provided for you.

In the link below, you can click in the PDF on the titles of the course units to view the content of the different courses.

Jelle Jansegers

The bachelor exchange programme also comprises of in-depth project weeks, as well as collaborations with local museums, cultural centres and (international) artist initiatives.

Cross-disciplinarity is promoted, as the various bachelor studios and different bachelor years come together for theoretical classes and an annual project week.

Jelle Jansegers

Planning of the Academic year

At Sint Lucas Antwerpen, each academic year starts mid September and activities are put to a stop at the end of June. Students get to enjoy one week of Autumn holidays, two weeks of Christmas holidays, two weeks of Easter holidays and a couple of days off during the year as well.

Autumn Semester / Semester 1: 19 September 2022- 29 January 2023

Autumn break: 31 October- 6 November 2022

Christmas break: 23 December 2022- 8 January 2023

January 2023: exams & art practice jury

Welcoming Days International Students semester 1: 14-16 September 2022

Welcoming Days International Students semester 2: 25-27 January 2023

Days off and holidays/ Semester 2: 30 January 2032 – 30 June 2023

Spring break 20 February 2023– 26 February 2023

Easter break 3-16 April 2023

Ascension Day break 18-21 May 2023

22 May – 30 June 2023: exams & art practice jury



Gate 15

Ready to set up your home base in Antwerp for the next year(s)? Then you’re most probably on the look-out for decent and affordable accommodation. Our friends at Gate 15 will help you find the perfect roof over your head.


As our university is part of KdG University of Applied Sciences & Art, more practical information regarding housing, tuitions fees, visa applications and more can be found on the general website of KdG.

MAS by Diego Mandelli

Welcome guide

Be sure to read through this welcome guide so you are all set to join us. We are ready if you are!



You can apply for an exchange programme at KdG University of Applied Sciences & Art if you are currently studying at one of our partner universities. Free Movers are also welcome.


To apply, please ask your current institution to mail to international.sla@kdg.be. We work with a nomination by your institute and an online registration. The following documents have to be uploaded to the application:

  • nomination of the International (ERASMUS) coordinator at home university with signature and stamp
  • letter of motivation for exchange at Sint Lucas Antwerpen and motivation for specific Studio of choice
  • pdf- portfolio (max. size 5 MB)

If you are accepted, we will contact you to confirm your place and to inform you about the next step to proceed with your application.

Application deadlines

May 1th for nomination Semester 1 / May 15th Online registration and upload documents

November 1th for nomination Semester 2 / November 15th Online registration and upload documents


Laura Braspenning

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