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Paul Hendrikse

Paul Hendrikse (2018-…)

The Performative as a Tool – Haunting Histories

Promotor UA: prof. dr. Arthur Cools
Promotor SLA: dr. Steve Van den Bosch

During the last two decades a new mode of working emerged within the visual arts field. Artists shifted their mode of production and became more research-based, often relating their practice to recent history. Documentary, research, journalism, literature, the body and language have become tools for artistic production. Maybe due to this more ephemeral way of working the body has become a more direct mediator. The performative has become as a tool to capture, note and track artistic production. Since 2006 I have developed strategies on how to deal with the specific questions around research, the artifact, the body and trace in general. But how can I think the performative gesture further? What potentialities does it have and what is the full realm of its use? Can I direct my practice towards a mode that allows the works to become reservoirs of potential future action, as prompts for the audience or artist activity, and even as actors?

Beelden captions: 1. The Sculptor, the Model, the Referent (Cabinet of Gestures), 2016   2. Looking While Listening (Title, Address, Dedication) I & II, 2014/2015

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