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Ali Baharlou

Ali Baharlou (2015-...)

Parallel narratives, different elements and forms of representations and their effect on audience perception
Promotor UA: prof. dr. Philippe Meers
Promotor SLA: dr. Tom de Smedt

The subject discussed in this research is parallel narratives in film and topics of choices, free will and how choices can lead to different destinies for the protagonist. The questions raised are how audience perceive these topics in parallel narratives and how filmmakers can change or manipulate the perception of choices, multiple paths and free will by diverse narrative elements, devices and different forms of representations.  To what extent does watching this narrative affect audience’s perception of choices and free will in their real life? Can a powerful narrative about these topics change audience’s initial perception formed from their background?

In order to explore these questions, processes will be put forth using parallel narrative films, methods such as gaze tracking, audience’s engagement in the narrative, interviews, surveys on audience’s reception and designing interactive installations.

Keywords: Parallel Narratives, Multi-screen, Audience perception, Audience manipulation, Choices.

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18/01/2019 › 18/02/2019

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