An afternoon with Pascale Obolo

Presentation of movies followed by a moment of discussions

Wednesday 5th of June, 13:00-17:30Sint Lucas Antwerpen

An afternoon with Pascale Obolo — publishing as a form of curatorial and political practice, creating space for research – in English
Wednesday 5th of June, 13:00-17:30, MaNaMa research Master, Sint Lucas Antwerpen

Pascale Obolo is a filmmaker, an independent curator and the chief editor of the art journal Afrikadaa. During this afternoon, she will present her multifaceted artistic work, which develops through different forms to (re-)tell stories, challenge representations and address the way knowledge is shaped, with a post-colonial and feminist approaches.

Sint Lucas Antwerpen — library
Van Schoonbekestraat 143
2018 Antwerpen

Pascale Obolo is a filmmaker, an independent curator and the chief editor of the art journal Afrikadaa.

Born in Yaoundé, Cameroun, she studied film making at the conservatoire libre du cinéma Français and  gratudated in a movie master specialized in experimental movies at Paris VIII university. A feminist movie maker, she addressed the space of women in artistic fields. Her movies were programmed and awarded in many festivals. Her deeply activist work interrogates memories, identity, exile, invisibility. Pascale Obolo has a passion for visual arts that brings her to direct and produce ‘filmic objects’, as she refuses to be categorized in a cinematographic genre. Her movie Calypso Rose: The lioness of the jungle has won the silver Yennega prize at the Fespaco festival in the documentary field in March 2013. Her recent works question the archive, through the construction of historical narratives with a post-colonial perspective, visual and cultural representations of political and economic history, using photography, video and performance.

Pascale Obolo co-founded the contemporary African arts journal Afrikadaa. She also directs the African Art Book Fair (AABF), an independent fair which highlights editorial practices and supports qualitative and original publications. Curator of la colonie, tutor at the «ateliers des horizons» in the art center les Magasins in Grenoble, Pascale Obolo just joined the team of the scientific board of the fine-arts school of the Reunion Island.

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