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Understanding or measuring the world and environment is something that fascinates Elise Hoebeke. ‘Measuring’ in itself can be seen as a concept invented by man. With man as inventor, one’s own body is also central to this idea. How many feet is it from my table to the wall? How many inches long is the ballpoint pen I write with? The idea of using hands, arms or feet to measure is not new. We find this in several existing units of measurement. The problem here is that these units are an average or standard, from proprietary body measurements a universal system has emerged. Elise’s idea is that a standard measure does not exist.

The objects Elise made were created from her personal measurements. This makes them body-related although at first glance they look mathematical. Through the unique measuring instruments combined with graphic and photographic work, she wants to invite the viewer to think about existing units. The relationship between the object and the body is crucial. Having the other person compare his size with hers becomes a way of measuring, as it were. It is not about numbers but rather about repeating, feeling, looking and understanding.
Her work is a way of dealing with the fact that you cannot control and structure everything. By accepting this and responding to it, she achieves a personal work about measurement, a concept that is otherwise generally distant. She creates space for imperfection and illogic. Measurement is relative. Measurement can be different. Measurement is human.
Each unit is as unique and personal as a piece of jewelry.


Elise Hoebeke


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