Gold Rush


Gold has traditionally had symbolic and even magical meanings. But gold is also a commodity with social, economic and environmental impact. Three domestic and foreign experts, along with us, looked at gold from the perspectives of geology, visual culture and sustainability.

Anyone who has ever worked with gold knows that it is a material with unique properties. During the technical classes, we learned about those properties step by step: we melted and hammered gold and learned how to lay gold leaf.

Meanwhile, we did digital research on gold mining, smugglers, miners and the (illegal) gold trade. We transferred all this data into our logbook and visualized the collected data in graphs and tables of gold leaf.

Finally, we made our own interpretation of what the subject of gold mining had taught us. Sometimes in the form of a piece of jewelry, sometimes as an object.


BA1 & BA2


Ludovik Colpaert, Hilde Van der Heyden, Saskia Van der Gucht & Saskia van Es

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