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Our educational approach focuses on two main questions and four defining attitudes.

Art and design are about the creation of ideas and about drawing up concrete plans, whether small or large. No matter what the output may be from a sculptor’s studio or a graphic designer’s computer, it always starts with the belief in the creation of a certain image or the articulation of a certain expression. This approach underlies the fact that artists and designers cannot just do anything they feel like. There is the autonomous responsibility of the artist or the shared commitment of the designer towards the audience or the client. Whatever an artist or a designer does, they always face two important questions. First, and perhaps most importantly: ‘Is this what I want?’ and second: ‘Does this mean something to someone?’.

Every design and image needs a context in which it can be shared with others. At Sint Lucas Antwerpen we focus on the ways in which images and concepts can gain meaning in a fast-operating information society. There is no other possible way, and that is why we propose relational commitment first.

Training young artists and designers means coaching them through an individual process that leads to an independent artistic position and simultaneously to a critical position. Anything can be a subject, starting from the corpus of visual arts and design. The overall history of images and ideas, positions and actions is our domain.

Art invents concepts that are of interest beyond the art sector. Artists and designers are the ones who compose compelling pictures and installations. They are fully dedicated to the power of the image. Throughout history, a huge variety of disciplines has developed upon those supports.

Entrepreneurial spirit
Homo ludens, homo faber, homo economicus. Artists and designers are always trying to bring their creations to places where they can acquire meaning. These places include economic and entrepreneurial contexts, creating new opportunities to give meaning to the existence of others.

Ad van Rosmalen
Head of St Lucas School of Art and Design Antwerp 



"Here at Sint Lucas Antwerpen I learned and discovered many new things, and that means a lot to me. This was immediately clear from my very first year. I knew that the school was experimental and very open, and that is what I needed. So for me it was logical to choose Sint Lucas Antwerpen."
Ellie Calis — Ba3 — Fine Arts 

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Wuhan opening


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