Sint Lucas Antwerpen is very easily accessible.  

The brand new campus of Sint Lucas Antwerpen comprises 9000 square metres of studio space, lecture rooms, exhibition halls, bookshelves as well as the necessary quiet spots for rest and reflection. 

It’s certainly worth seeing! But how do you get there and where is everything located? 

There is always something to see or experience at and around our brand new campus. This could be a cool workshop. An educational lecture. A challenging film or a fantastic exhibition. Nor do we shy away from organising the occasional festival here or there.

Where is Sint Lucas Antwerpen located?

Sint Lucas Antwerpen Campus
Van Schoonbekestraat 143 
2018 Antwerpen 

When can you contact us?

Members of our Welcoming Committee are present in person every weekday from 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.  Moreover, you can always contact the Reception at 03/613.12.00  or via info.sintlucas@kdg.be.

This is how you reach the Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerpen Campus (on time).

By bike

If you’re coming by bike from Antwerpen-Centraal Station or Antwerpen-Berchem Station, it takes about 10 minutes. You can park your bike in the spacious bicycle parking facility in our basement. If you’re using a Velo bike, you can leave it just around the corner at the Velo-station Hof van Leysen (089).

By train

Antwerpen-Centraal Station is about 2.5 km from our studios and Antwerpen-Berchem Station is 3 km away. Now let’s hope there are no delays… 
Check the timetable of the Belgian railway service NMBS  

By tram or bus

There are bus stops within one to five minutes’ walking distance from the campus. Bus 30 (Waterpoort – Antwerpen-Berchem Station – Sint-Jansplein) and Bus 22 (UZA – Valaar – Groenplaats) will bring you almost to our doors. Optionally, the tram will easily take you to the Harmonie or De Singel stops within a few minutes.  For further information, please check with the Flemish bus company De Lijn – they will be happy to answer all your questions.  

By car

There are no parking spaces for students on the campus itself. With a bit of luck, you can park your four-wheeler in the parking zone around the campus.  
Please note: The Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerpen Campus lies within Antwerp’s low-emission parking zone. So make sure to check whether your car is allowed inside. 

Facts & figures

170 professional bachelor students in Photography
350 academic bachelor and master students in Visual Arts
15 advanced Master of Research in Art & Design students
10 PhD fellowships (in partnership with the Antwerp Schools of Arts and the University of Antwerp)
20 Art/Design Researchers

Workstations for all

Lots of places to hang out in and to study or create your works of art in peace: for example, in one of our technical workshops.

Coding studio

At your service: super fast computers, strong WiFi connection and inexhaustible printers. 

Printing workstation

It’s always buzzing with activity here. Intaglio printing, relief printing, lithography and screen printing: it’s all happening here.

Wood workstation

The ideal place for knocking on wood. Also for sanding, milling and other wood-based artwork.    

Jewellery workstation

Metal workstation

Photoprint workstation

Illuminate your work with professional studio lights or let your imagination run free for the green key effect.

Breathe in knowledge 


Two floors, more than 10,000 titles and a view of the garden: our new library is absolutely top class! Here you will find artists’ monographs, children’s books, catalogues, professional literature and magazines. Feel free to drop in to read or borrow something. The library is completely free for students and lecturers, while visitors pay 10 euros for a library card.

You can consult our library catalogue here. And these are the colleagues who are happy to help you further.

Adeline Boeckaert


Rob Eelen

Library staff member

Code of conduct


There’s always something to see and experience at and around our campus. This could be a cool workshop. An educational lecture. A challenging film or a fantastic exhibition. Nor do we shy away from organising the occasional festival here or there. 

Sint Lucas Antwerpen fills the campus, the city and your diary with exciting activities.

picture by Tijs De Graaff
Tijs De Graaff

Sint Lucas Antwerpen alumni

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Info days

You can read through this entire site, of course. Or you can also just drop by on campus. To study our students and lecturers in person. Make a note of these info days in your diary.


There’s always something to see and experience at and around our campus. From cool workshops to inspiring exhibitions. Take a look and book your dates now.

Getting to Sint Lucas Antwerpen quickly and easily

Our brand new headquarters is super cool and super easy to reach. By bike or public transport. On foot, scooter or skates: you’ll get here in no time.