Launch of KONT03 magazine

Launch at Sint Lucas Antwerpen 20/09/2019 8pmSint Lucas Antwerpen

We warmly welcome you to the launches of KONT03 magazine in Antwerp and/or Eindhoven. 7th September at 14pm KONT03 will be launched at TAC in Eindhoven and 20 september at 8pm at Sint Lucas Antwerpen, in the presence of the teams of artists that realized KONT in the past few months.

KONT is an annual publication, every time realizes by a new editorial team and participants. Chief editor Griet Menschaert selected Antwerp based artist Bart Van Dijck to co-curate this issua, and Casper Fitzhue as graphic designer. Bart Van Dijck has been developing an exciting artistic practice for years, exploring the boundaries between art and rituals. Together, Bart and Griet developed a concept for which they both scouted fitting participants in their respective cities (Antwerp and Eindhoven).They matched 8 cross-city teams to realize new rituals in dialogue with each other, for 8 specific dates in the year.
With great pride we invite you to the launch of the pearl that all their work has resulted in, an artwork containing 8 new rituals! (for only 15 euro!!)

Lotje Linssen (art, shiatsu), Maika Garnica (art, music), Manon Vosters (photography), Michel Decré (neuroscience, tea ceremony), Oscar Hugal (art), Marie Lexmond (art), Ignace Cami (art, performance), Arnoud Rigter (poet), Sigrid Exelmans (story teller), Muriel Fraenk (Raad voor Kinderbescherming), Athar Jaber (sculpture), Mostafa BenKerroum Jamai (theatre), Pascale Theron (design), John Rausenberger (art, shamanism), Terence Machete van Lange (mc, litertature), Remko Leeuw (art, men circles), Chloé Bedmonk (literature, art).

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