Code of Conduct

The only boundaries we cross here are creative ones. We have a Code of Conduct for how we treat each other.

We are all in favour of a world full of differences. That’s why, at St Lucas School of Arts, we like to keep it pleasant for everyone. And yes, we do this with effective rules, regulations, ombudspersons and so on. But also with cool illustrations, made by our students.

A Code of Conduct, that sounds so serious. Is this really required?

Yep. Not because our students and lecturers misbehave, but because we want to be loud-and-clear about one thing: everyone is welcome here and everyone should feel good here. As creative minds, we are open to a lot of things, but sexism, racism or other discriminatory behaviour are an absolute no-go.

Do you have questions or concerns?

Feel free to contact the ombudsperson and confidential advisers

The heads will also help you in trust.