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Advanced Master of Research in Art & Design

Programme 2019 - 2020

Advanced Master of Research in Art & Design in a social-political context.

The advanced master program focuses on research development of artists and designers whose practice is anchored in a social political context. The program develops in accordance to the specific research proposals of the participants and offers intense coaching in research methodology, writing and critical studies.

The program also offers 3 international, intensive and collaborative, 2-week modules with distinguished artists, designers and professionals across the fields of artistic research. Names and partners will be announced soon.

Special focus
The program offers time and space to do research without the requirement of any particular final format such as an exhibition. The focus is on artistic research, individual development and research exchange.

The program is aligned to each participant’s work rhythm and caters for specific theoretical interests by inviting a diversity of voices from a variety of fields that can cater to the individual research interests within the student body. We work with a small team of maximum 15 students to create opportunities and develop a network to strategise sharing research publicly.

The ideal candidates are artists or designers who have developed an individual or collaborative practice and want to work for one year on a research project related to their practice.

The program is particularly suitable to those interested in collaboratively developing their practice within a social-political field or in preparation for a successful PhD project. We offer a nurturing research environment of dedicated and experienced tutors, junior and senior researchers and PhD students as well as an international network of professionals, institutions and guest lecturers.

If you want to elaborate on research within your personal artistic or design practice or if you are thinking about applying for a research PhD in the arts.
Nieuws & agenda
Black Art in Europe: Liberation and Resistance
Black Art in Europe: Liberation and Resistance

Black History Month Antwerp International Conference


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