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The Pop Up Schools interconnects talented students in an economic environment

It’s about time we tear down the walls between disciplines, created in a learning environment. It’s about time we take the time to look at another and use our skills & knowledge to create insights that matter. 

How does a Pop Up School look like?

Every Pop Up School is a collaboration between many partners. When an organization has a problem or opportunity within his/her company they can call upon the Pop Up School. We only select the most valuable and interesting problems, set up a team and create a framework in wich students can operate. Every School, we collaborate with a coach who guides the students in the right direction. 

The Pop Up School team consists of 8 - 12 students, a coach, a project coördinator, at least one member of the selected organization and a board that evaluates the gathered insights.  

Why do we organize these Pop Up Schools? 

From the position of the Academic Education, we aim to create more job opportunities for highly educated, creative students. We create an environment where they can discover their impact on a societal and economic evolution. Students who are interested in joining a Pop Up School can contact Matthijs De Block at

From the position of an economic or societal context, we learn organizations to collaborate with a creative network. Visual thinking organizes itself differently than analytical thinking and can be a huge benefit to the welbeïng of a good economy. Organizations who are interested in joining a Pop Up School can contact Matthijs De Block at

Pop Up Schools is initiated By Kurt Vanbelleghem & Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. Coordinated by Matthijs De Block of  the creative studio superserieus . Supported by Karel de Grote University College




Domestic Drones — Pop Up School 1

The first Pop Up School was a futuristic one. Commissioned by Technical University Eindhoven , the Blue Jay team . Coached by Projectstudio Cornelis Serveert , 7 students gathered insights about the world first drone cafe. 

The Problem/Question: How can drones take part in our society? And how will this affect the way people live? In this Pop Up School there was also a practical part. 3 weeks after the brainstorm, a drone café (autonomous drones would serve drinks) would be build and they expected around 2000 - 3000 visitors. But they had no idea how to communicate their ideas to the people. 

The Proces: First, the sky was the limit. We divided the group into 3 teams, every team covering an aspect of drones in our society. We also encouraged them to think about the 'worst case' scenario's. Reviews were a big and important part of the process. The second part revolved more about making choices about the direction the students wanted to go. The good part was that we let them decide this all for themselves. This made sure that they felt responsible and also created  a drive to get the best end results possible. 

Tasks were split, goals were set and after 3 days of hard work the team presented an interactive wall to the board of Blue Jay. The wall was set up to make visitors think about drones in our society. The blue jay team was very excited, and I quote "This is exactly what we wanted but never could've thaught of ourselves". This first PopUpSchool was a big succes.

Commissioned by Technical University Eindhoven, Projectstudio Cornelis Serveert asked the Pop Up School to help them think about the drone café, made by the Blue Jay Team Eindhoven. Sophie Van Rijswijk & Veerle Devreese from Projectstudio Cornelis Serveert coached the students in this project

This Pop Up School is initiated By Kurt Van Belleghem & Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. Coordinated by Matthijs De Block of  the creative studio superserieus. Supported by Karel de Grote University College.

Airborne in Antwerp — Pop Up School 2

The second Pop Up School will revolve around the connection between Antwerp Airport & the city where this airport is located. This Pop Up School will be held in August. Students who want to apply can do this via

What if airport services merge with the inner city of Antwerp? What if encounters are a central part of the airport? What if modern planes can create peace and serenity? 

Commissioned by Born in Antwerp , Axel Enthoven from Yellow Window  curates 4 opportunities/organizations in Antwerp. One of them is Antwerp Airport. Enthoven asked the Pop Up School to think about these issues and thus will be the curator of this particularly Pop Up School. Nik Baerten of Pantopicon  will coach the students.  

This Pop Up School is initiated By Kurt Van Belleghem & Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. Coordinated by Matthijs De Block of  the creative studio superserieus. Supported by Karel de Grote University College.

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