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Sarah Hendrickx


The integration of (self-) intervening and destabilizing artistic mechanisms (M) within an existing system (Q) in order to transform the combined system towards a state of equilibrium (E).

Promotor UA: prof. dr. Pascal Gielen
Promotor SLA: Hilde Van Pelt

My research focuses on artistic interventions in diverse societal systems and, practicing and embracing bureaucratic, academic and scientific resources, formulates possible answers on the role of the artist and art within these systems. Therefore, meandmywork, a bureau of investigation in the arts, was founded to oversee the research, conduct its own investigations within the art world and expose its conclusions to a diversified audience. Can the results of these investigations measure or even calculate the existence of art and artists, their behavior, biotope and place or status in society? meandmywork will create a series of tools to engage in this research and supports the developed formula by pursuing a (dis)balance between the system’s components and the introduced tools or mechanisms. Could the tools issued for these analytical missions then be considered as works of art themselves? The existing issues and ongoing discussions on the rela­tion between art and non-art will be questioned even further by chal­lenging the role and meaning of the artistic research within the context its own adopted investigative resources originated from.

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18/01/2019 › 18/02/2019

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Opening of the new campus Sint Lucas Antwerpen

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