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Robin Vanbesien

Robin Vanbesien (2018/19-...)

Toward a Poetics of Close-To-Each-Other

Promotor UA: prof. dr. Pascal Gielen 

Promotor SLA: dr. Steve Van den Bosch

Inciting a solidarity poiesis, or a poetics of close-to-each-other from the vantage point of a lived interdependency, artistic poetics can co-construct social situations and according subjectivities. This reality gives rise to artistic, social and political responsibilities and potentialities. Under this premise I relate my research to the artistic propositions of Situationists International (‘60’s, France), San Diego Group (70’s, US), and other historical and contemporary artistic endeavors. My aim is to explore how the social processes and lived realities my artistic poetics is part of, can be fully taken into account. How to shed light on the non-innocent relations of implication of the situations it is co-creating?

More urgently, I look into today’s breakdown of infrastructures for social (re)production, and the atomizing and oppressive effects on those citizens whose social and political subjectivities are narratively condemned. Bringing Raymond Williams’ notion of multiple, situated socialisms (1989) back to the fore, I focus on case-specific forms of consciousness-raising by social groups and movements that aim to shift the terms of the lived social reality. How to do this? My doctoral research will consist of questioning, testing and developing methodologies on three levels throughout several artistic projects: (1) How to develop reflexive co-creations with the social groups/movements concerned? (2) How to create an artistic work that re-grounds these processes of co-creation while tying practices of consciousness-raising with the artistic means of expression? (3) How to construct a collaborative and sustainable system of reception and reflection for the practices of co-creation and the presented artistic work?

Image: ‘Under These Words (Solidarity Athens 2016)’ (2017, 52’) 

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