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Symposium Ana Torfs

Research group Congres

Symposium Ana Torfs

Research group Congres

06/12/2014 van 15:00 tot 19:00

Volxemlaan 354, 1190 Vorst, België

Symposium Ana Torfs: Echolalia

The research group Congres explores the place of narrativity and the narrativity of places in contemporary art. Our focus this semester is on Ana Torfs’ exhibition Echolalia in WIELS, which we will explore in a Masterclass and Symposium. The symposium is open to the public and will be held in WIELS.

“Echolalia” is the repetition of words by a child when it learns how to talk, but it also refers to a medical condition that makes someone compulsively repeat words and sentences. Torfs’ work is characterized by this repetition of words, sentences, and texts, which functions as a recovery method in relation to events and places of a (never) shared history. However, echolalia never guarantees any epistemic or therapeutic success. On the contrary, it often points at the breakdown of these ambitions: the subject (of history) disappears in the narrative interstices and abysses that emerge in the repetition of words.

In this symposium it is our aim to discover the artistic potential of echolalia. We will explore the relations between word, image and (historical) context, and how the repetition of words (translation, rehearsal, collage) disrupts these relations. For this we have invited Emiliano Battista, Juli Carson and Ruth Noack who will offer us three different perspectives on Ana Torfs’ Echolalia.

  • Emilliano Battista, na
  • Juli Carson (UCIrvine) "The parallax view: transpositions of a past not worth living" 
  • Ruth Noack, na


Who? Sint Lucas Antwerp, BAM & WIELS
When? Dec 6, 2-6pm
Where? WIELS
Entrance: 5€
Language: English
Limited places, please reserve your seat:


EMILIANO BATTISTA holds a Masters degree in Philosophy from KU Leuven. As a researcher in the Theory Department of the Jan Van Eyck Academie, (2008-09), he led a project about the work of Jacques Rancière. He regularly contributes essays to art books – most recently to Ana Torfs’ Echolalia and Dora Garcia’s The Joycean Society. This spring semester, he was a guest lecturer at La Cambre, where he co-taught a Master’s seminar on the book-making process. He was the recipient of a research fellowship from LUCA (2013), for a research project with Herman Asselberghs,

JULI CARSON received her PhD from M.I.T. in the History, Theory and Criticism of Art Program in the Department of Architecture. Currently, she is Professor of Art History in the Art Department at UCIrvine. She is author of Exile of the Imaginary: Politics, Aesthetics, Love  (Vienna: Generali Foundation, 2007). Her essays on conceptual art and psychoanalysis have been published in Art Journal, Documents, October, Texte Zur Kunst and X-Tra. Her most recent book is The Limits of Representation: Psychoanalysis and Critical Aesthetics (Buenos Aires: Letra Viva Press, 2011).

RUTH NOACK trained as a visual artist and art historian, she has worked as author, art critic, university lecturer and exhibition maker since the 1990s. Noack was curator of documenta 12 (Kassel, 2007). In 2012-13, she headed the Curating Contemporary Art programme at the Royal College of Art, London (and acted as Research Leader for the EU-project MeLa - European Museums in an age of migrations. She recently published Sanja Ivekovic,: Triangle for Afterall Books and Agency, Ambivalence, Analysis. Approaching the Museum with Migration in Mind, for the Politecnico di Milano (both 2013).

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