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Image, Narrative Knowledge & Postcolonial Condition

Image, Narrative Knowledge & Postcolonial Condition

25/05/2018 van 10:00 tot 17:15

Argos, Centrum voor kunst en media, Werfstraat 13, 1000 Brussel

The postcolonial condition questions how we create knowledge, stories and images of the other. These stories and images reveal more about the knowing subject than about the object of knowledge. From a postcolonial perspective, this has not only epistemological but also ethical and political relevance.

The postcolonial condition demands that we question our construction of knowledge, stories and images, and that we reveal its structural relation to histories of control and exploitation. More, it urges us to take up the ethical and political challenge of living with the ghosts; giving them back speech in a way that allows them to present themselves.

This seminar is organized by Research Group Interpraxis (St Lucas Antwerpen) and held in the context of the exhibition by Bie Michels and Marie Voignier, 'Dialoguing Gazes', 13 May - 15 July, ARGOS


introduction by Bie Michels & Petra Van Brabandt (St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp)

Gwyn Campbell (McGill University), Wendy Morris (LUCA School of Arts, KULeuven), Marie Voignier

11am-noon: discussion

noon-1pm: lunch

Aline Caillet (University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), Bie Michels, Saddie Choua, Guy Woueté 1.45-2.45pm: discussion

2.45-3pm: break

Lotte Arndt (Ecole Supérieure d'Art et Design Valence), Sanne De Wolf, Anja Veirman, (LUCA School of Arts, La Cambre), Paul Hendrikse (St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp)

4-5pm: discussion

5-5.15 pm: conclusion by Petra Van Brabandt


Free admission - Lunch Provided

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