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30/01/2017 › 03/02/2017 van 09:30 tot 17:00

M HKA, Leuvenstraat 32, 2000 Antwerpen

From 30.01 to 3.02 Sint Lucas Antwerpen organizes a so-called intensive programme - "Winter School" - in which students from different European schools (ECAV Sierre, GradCAM Dublin, HgB Leipzig & Sint Lucas Antwerpen) come together at the M HKA to work and focus on the use of writing in a visual arts context. At the center of this programme David Maroto, founder of ‘The Book Lovers’ fund of artist novels, will lead a workshop on the writing of such a novel. 

The Winter School also includes a public programme (open to all): 

/// Wed. 1 February - 14.00 / M HKA Auditorium / Barnaby Drabble / 'Throw no Shadows' / A performed piece of/on critical writing, departing from the work of Swiss artist duo Barbezat-Villetard, exploring ideas of the document, proof, virtuality and fiction ///

/// Wed. 1 February - 15.30 / M HKA Auditorium / Peter Lemmens / Lecture / BEHIND THE SCENES WITH BOB SACAMANO, LOMEZ AND COUSIN JEFFREY: Offscreen characters that impacted the story /// 

/// Thu. 2 February - 19.00 / Kim Gorus / M HKA Auditorium / 'If Ashtrays Could Speak, Sir': Contemporary Artistic Writing Practices / This lecture will discuss a wide scope of artistic writing practices, ranging from Seth Siegelaub's catalogue-as-exhibition to encyclopedic practices (Gerhard Richter, Ed Ruscha) and elaborate literary projects (Roee Rosen, Paul Hendrikse), investigating the contemporary practice of letting 'objects' 'speak' via the format of the book and/or actual fiction /// 

/// Fri. 3 February - 15.00-17.00 / M HKA 'Lonely at the Top' / Public presentation of the workshop’s outcome - collective novella /// 

/// Thu. 9 February - 19.00-21.00 / Official opening of the presentation of the Winterschool’s outcome at M HKA 'Lonely at the Top' >>> Exhibition from 10 until 26 February ///

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