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The bridging programme is meant for students with a professional bachelor degree who wish to start with a master programme. Students will be given further training so they will begin with the same bases as academic bachelors. 
You will obtain academic skills (like research methods and collection of information).

Admission requirements
To enrol in the program a bachelor’s degree in the fine arts is required. Students with professional training in visual arts must first successfully complete a bridging program.
The curriculum of this bridging program depends on the content of the previously completed training.
Language of instruction: Dutch
Foreign students can follow the classes in English.


 pre-master 18-19
bachelorstudio 21
bachelorclass 3 8
professional practice 3 3
art theory seminar 3
cultural criticism seminar 3
aristic research 3
editorial practices 3
art philosophy 3

Studyguide :

Here you can find all information concerning the intake procedure:

The annual tuition fee for the 2018-2019 academic year will presumably be  :
€ 775 for EEA students and € 3081 for non-EEA students
A flat fee will be charged depending on the chosen programme.

Final enrollment

If you meet all admission requirements for the premaster, you can finally enroll.  


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