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If you meet all admission requirements for the premaster or the Master of Visual Arts, you can finally enroll.  

You need to make an appointment. We will contact you after the results of your admission test/intake interview.
The registration appointments will take place on the following days:

Location: Campus Sint Lucas, Sint-Jozefstraat 35, 2018 Antwerp.

You need to bring the following documents for the final enrollment:

The annual tuition fee for the 2018-2019 academic year will presumably be  :
Premaster : € 775 for EEA students and € 3081 for non-EEA students
Master : € 923 for EEA students and € 3700 for non-EEA students

A flat fee will be charged depending on the chosen programme.

Nieuws & agenda
Inaugurating the Wind Egg Affiliated Society
Inaugurating the Wind Egg Affiliated Society

ARIA Research Seminar


Gepost op 11/12/2018
Master lectures 2018-2019
Master lectures 2018-2019

10/12/2018 › 24/04/2019

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Typografie als verbindende kracht
Typografie als verbindende kracht


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